Swim Groups


Beginners Start Here: Pups

Our Pups Program starts right at the very beginning with water confidence skills in the warm, shallow pool at Estabrook School.  Children are taught to put their faces in the water, and use their arms and legs effectively to produce swim strokes.  

Keep Swimming: Junior Otters

Swimming in the shallow end of the Ypsilanti High School Pool, Junior Otters learn different strokes and dives, and continue to work on breathing and crawl, aiming to swim one length with a consistent stroke and sustainable breathing pattern. 

Ready to Swim Some Laps?

  Then it’s time to join our Intermediate Yellow and Blue Groups at the Ypsilanti High School pool.  At practice, swimmers work on all four main strokes, as well as starts and turns.  Interval-based aerobic training is also introduced. Most swimmers in this program compete in our tri-county SMSL (Southern Michigan Swim League) meets, although this is not mandatory.  There are SMSL dual meets approximately once every two weeks, and at the end of the season we compete in all-team championships.  Each dual meet has a featured stroke or event, so swimmers gain experience in all four main strokes throughout the season. 


Ready to Get Serious?

  Then it’s time to move up to our Advanced Bronze Program.   More dry-land work, increased yardage, and race strategy are added to the program to prepare you for the next level. Four 90 minute pool time practices are available per week.


Want to Swim at the Olympics?  Or for Your School? Or Just as Fast as You Can?

  Then you need our Advanced Silver and Gold Programs.  Serious training for serious swimmers.  As well as the local tri-county dual meets, many of our competitive swimmers swim at USA meets –the foremost national association of amateur swimming. 


In addition to advanced drills for the four main strokes, starts and turns, you’ll receive training in race strategy, interval-based aerobic training and anaerobic training. 


Competitive Swimmers train at the Ypsilanti High School pool for 2.5 hours (including dry-land training), five times per week. 


The following are general guidelines developed by the coaches

All swim group decisions are made by the coaches

Swim Times may change based on pool availability and time of year.  Please check with us to verify practice times.

Fall Session - September - December

Winter Session - January - March

Spring Session - April - May